Chartered Accountant

Alessandro Solidoro boasts sound and thorough professional experience in managing business crises, in providing technical consultancy in litigations, governance and auditing activities for medium-sized and large organisations.

He supports businesses by providing them with advisory and assistance in managing out-of-court and judicial procedures in connection to the risk of bankruptcy, insolvency, coordinating restructuring and debt consolidation transactions, as well as reorganisation processes for companies in financial distress. He aids corporations in the preliminary, executing and winding-up stage of insolvency proceedings. He produces certifications on the feasibility of debt restructuring transactions within recovery plans, restructuring agreements and proposed compositions with debtors.

His experience has enabled him to assist the recovery of several companies in various industries, including real estate, mechanics, automotive, shipbuilding, food, textile, fashion and film, restructuring corporate liabilities for amounts greater than Euro 150 million in each individual case.

He assists his customers – domestic and international industrial, commercial and financial companies, banking groups alongside their stakeholders – in civil proceedings whose objects are damage claims or valuations of corporate assets in a general sense, and in criminal litigations.

His expertise covers economic and accounting matters relating to banking transactions, financial instruments, contracts of carriage and agency agreements, valuations of specific assets or of businesses in their entirety, real estate, transport, publishing, food, new economy and fashion.

He carries out counselling activities when verifying the technical aspects of liability actions against directors and statutory auditors, and the existence of conditions for corporate crimes and insolvency.

Professional experience and education

Owner of Studio Solidoro established in 1994.

  • A Chartered Accountant at the Milan Chartered and Qualified Accountants Register
  • A Registered Statutory Auditor
  • ICAEW Member (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales), n°4606991
  • A Technical Advisor registered at the Court for economic, accounting matters and corporate and asset valuation
  • A Qualified Receiver registered at the Court of Milan
  • A Master’s degree for Non-Executive Administrators of public listed companies organised by Borsa Italiana S.p.A.
  • B.A. Degree in  in business economics at Università Commerciale L. Bocconi in Milan

Institutional and Scientific Appointments

  • Member of the National Order of Chartered Accountants and Auditors
  • Past President of the Chartered and Qualified Accountants Register of Milan
  • Accountancy Europe Vice-President and SME Accountancy Europe Chair (The Federation of European Accountants), Bruxelles
  • Member of the Scientific Panel of the Corporate Governance Institute
  • Member of the Orientation Council at the Non-profit Foundation “Fondazione Italia per il dono”
  • Member of the Scientific Panel of the portal “Il Societario”, Giuffrè Publications
  • Member of the Scientific Panel of the review “Il controllo nelle società e negli enti” (Corporate and Public Auditing), Giuffrè Pubblications, Milan.
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the review “Rivista dei Dottori Commercialisti” (Chartered Accountants Review), Giuffrè Publications, Milan as well as editorial of the column “Case Law and Current Insolvency Procedures”
  • Editor of the review “Il Fallimentarista”, Giuffrè Publications
  • Former member of the “Observatory on Regulation and Justice in the Marketplace” of the Milan Chamber of Commerce
  • Former President of the Youth Commission of Italian Chartered Accountants Association in Milan
  • Former member of the National Union of Young Chartered Accountants
  • Former Advisor of Bocconi Alumni Association

Professional appointments

  • Independent Advisor of the Supervisory Body, Member of the Internal Audit Committee, Member of the Risk Committee at Deutsche Bank S.p.A.
  • Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors at Alerion Clean Power S.p.A.
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Opera Diocesana for the Preservation and Dissemination of Faith in Milan (non-profit organisation)
  • Chairman of the Board of Auditors at Rome Biomedical Campus University Foundation
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors, Collegio San Carlo – Milano
  • Chairman Collegio San Carlo Foundation – Milano

Judicial appointments

Alessandro Solidoro has taken on various judicial, civil and criminal appointments as:

  • Appointed Receiver at the Court of Milan;
  • Judicial Commissioner in procedures for the compositions with creditors;
  • Expert appointed under art. 2343 of the Italian Civil Code;
  • Technical consultant appointed by the Courts in Milan, Turin, Lecco and Boards of Arbitrators, as well as appointed by the Parties in other proceedings in economic and accounting matters (banks – finance – transport – agency);
  • Technical consultant appointed by the Party in civil proceedings, by the Public Prosecutor and the Court in criminal proceedings, at the Courts of Milan, Genoa; Catania, Parma;
  • Asset valuer for subsidiaries of holding companies subject to insolvency procedures;
  • Administrator and Liquidator appointed by the Court for subsidiaries of holding companies subject to insolvency procedures;
  • Judicial Custodian of shareholdings and companies;
  • Administrator appointed by the Judicial Custodian for companies being seized.

Within the scope of alternative measures for litigation settlement, Alessandro Solidoro has been member of the Board of Arbitrators in binding and non-binding arbitration in corporate matters.

The experience gained has contributed to Alessandro Solidoro’s appointment to various roles in the governance for remarkably large companies. He is indeed member of the Supervisory Board and the Internal Audit Committee at an Italian Branch of a large international bank, Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors in a listed company operating in the renewable energy industry. He is also director or member of the Board of Statutory Auditors in companies operating in the food and real estate sector, as well as in Foundations supporting non-profit activities in the social and health world.

On top of all this, Alessandro Solidoro provides advice in fiscal and corporate matters, in preparing financial statements in the event of extraordinary transactions of Group reorganisation.


Training, seminars and conferences

  • Contract Professor at Università Bicocca in Milan in business continuity and company crisis
  • Trainer at courses organised by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. on Corporate Governance
  • Trainer at the Highly Specialised School for Chartered ad Qualified Accountants in Milan
  • Trainer at Theorema Srl and Synergia on insolvency procedures
  • Member of the State Examination Board for the admission to the professions as Chartered Accountant at Università Statale e Università Commerciale L. Bocconi in Milan
  • Speaker at various conferences on Bankruptcy Law, insolvency procedures, business, tax and fiscal crisis
  • Former Honorary Fellow in “Industrial and Commercial Technique” at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and organiser of the seminars on “Company crisis and recovery”

Publications, scientific and editorial activities

Alessandro Solidoro has written numerous articles published in several specialist journals and reviews covering issues on civil and bankruptcy law and taxation. He is also co-author of “Certification standards of recovery plans ” 06/2014 and, for some fiscal aspects, of editions of the “Bankruptcy Code”, “New Insolvency Procedures”, “Studies in memory of Umberto Azzolina”. He is also coordinator of the “Insolvency Proceedings in Milanese Case Law in the years from 2000 to 2003″ edition.