Studio Solidoro offers professional and reliable support in the implementation and monitoring of Planning and Control tools, such as:

  1. Business Plan;
  2. Treasury plans;
  3. Management control and analytical accounting.

also for the purpose of verifying business continuity and anticipating crisis or insolvency situations, in line with the provisions of recent changes to the Civil Code and the expected introduction of the new Corporate Crisis Code.

The new paragraph 2 of art. 2086 C.C. provides the following:

The entrepreneur, who operates in a corporate or collective form, has the duty to establish an organizational, administrative and accounting structure appropriate to the nature and size of the company, also in function of the timely detection of the business crisis and the loss of the business continuity, as well as to take immediate action to adopt and implement one of the tools envisaged by the regulations for overcoming the crisis and recovering business continuity “.

This principle is emphasized also in art. 3, paragraph 1, of the Corporate Crisis Code stated that the entrepreneur “…. must take appropriate measures to promptly detect the state of crisis and immediately take the necessary steps to deal with it”.