In the life of an organisation, there may be some periods when a valuation of the economic value of its equity or of its assets may be required. In today’s competitive scenarios, company valuations have turned into an issue which the professionals supporting companies must deal with more and more often.

Company valuations are an activity involving not only accounting but also fiscal, legal, environmental, geographic and market-related aspects.

Studio Solidoro has fulfilled many roles requiring company valuations.

In particular, the company has provided:

  • Valuations as required by the law:
    • In the event of company transfer operations or company transformation
    • For the revaluation of shareholdings
    • In the event of enforcement procedures
    • Following the withdrawal of shareholders
  • Voluntary valuations in the event of trading transactions of shares or stakes or businesses – either domestic or foreign
  • Valuations on shareholdings acquired from the inventory in insolvency procedures.

Studio Solidoro professionals have also provided valuations of specific company assets such as brands in the perfume and confectionery industry.