Studio Solidoro

Chartered Accountants, Tax and Legal Consultants


With the ability to face up to and manage highly complex problems in extremely difficult situations, Studio Solidoro professionals can lead their clients to pick the best solutions, thus granting flexibility and efficiency, all supported by sound experience and specific technical skills.


Over the years Studio Solidoro has put together a team of professionals who have consolidated their specific and complementary expertise in all the problems with regard to extraordinary business activities. Its professionals hold specific positions as board directors, supervisory directors in international banks, companies listed in regulated markets, joint-stock companies and foundations, as well as Presidents of Boards of Statutory Auditors.


Established in 1994 by Alessandro Solidoro, on top of ordinary knowledge in administrative and fiscal matters for joint-stock companies, the firm provides consultancy to the debtor or creditor within debt restructuring procedures – in and out of court – as well as advisory activities to customers in civil, criminal and fiscal proceedings.


Studio Solidoro targets medium-sized and large organisations. The specific nature and type of services provided allow the firm to operate in cooperation and upon request of other professional firms on a regular basis, in full accordance with the different competences and professional ethics.


The firm is headquartered in Milan and operates throughout Italy, Europe and worldwide.
Our offices are in Via Borgogna 3, walking distance from Duomo Cathedral.